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odylic media clients
odylic media clients
odylic media clients
odylic media clients
odylic media clients
odylic media clients

The Process 


Setup, Research & Foundations

It is impossible to build a tall building without the foundations, this is why we make sure that proper tracking is set up, backend remarketing is in place, there are no holes in the funnel, and that we know your numbers before spending a single dollar on ads. In addition to diving into your target customer, who they are, why they buy, and what drives their purchases... 

$1M Ad Flow Odylic Media

Liftoff & Initial Ad Launch

After building our foundations and fully understanding your customers, product, competitors, and numbers we then launch our first iterations while being ruthless on cutting and scaling ads. At this point, we start testing different variables funnel-wide and begin to see ROI on the ads, while keeping a keen focus on the data and continuous improvements to be made to maximize sales and ROI. 


Ascending Beyond the Moon

Now that we have gone through testing and understand exactly what works on an audience, creative, copy and offer level we now scale it to the moon. This is when we inject more capital into the engine and let it run as it drives absurd profitability and consistency. All the while testing new variations to further increase the efficiency and profitability of our advertising. 

Odylic Media Review_edited.jpg
Odylic Media Reveiws

$70K-$280K In 9 Months

Odylic Media Review

From never running paid traffic before to achieving a 13.26X return on bottom of funnel... This homegoods business was not able to breakthrough to the multiple six figure club for the longest time because they were not properly leveraging their strong product-market fit. Once they found Odylic Media and hopped on a strategy call we quickly started scaling the brand with highly qualified paid traffic resulting in 400% growth in less than a year.

$13K-$26K In 2 Weeks

Odylic Results

After creating a new ads manager this apparel brand was looking to start its growth off in the right direction. After completing our initial research we decided to develop new creative and copy that was more in line with their desired audience segment. These additions enabled a running start and quick scale to generate a 2X ROAS in only 2 weeks. As with this brand, even if the ads manager is brand new, the Odylic approach still starts working immediately to generate results.

$60K-$590K 1 Year

Odylic Reviews

This ecom brand experienced a serious case of order fulfillment-idus where they were grossly underprepared for what was about to come. Through detailed testing and diving into the numbers on a highly meticulous level we were able to understand what results we needed to generate. In addition to what exact points were optimal for cutting and scaling ad campaigns. These few implementations were paramount to scaling this brand by over 1000% in just 1 year. 

Real Brands. Profound Results.

$200K-$860K In 1 Year

Odylic Media Review

Adding over $560K in revenue was a game changer for this beauty client's business. While they were just a participant in the marketplace a little over a year prior, they quickly became a fierce competitor as they grew by over 300% through paid traffic. By using numbers based advertising and delving into their ideal customer we were able to transform their business to be well on its way to becoming an industry titan

$400K-$2.69M In 1 Year

Odylic Media Review

For this client, we added over $2 Million in revenue by only having to spend $275K. With such a big change to their number of sales this client had trouble keeping up with all of the inflow and managing the sheer amount of business that they were getting. To get these results we focused on testing a high number of audiences to maximize CTR within their sales funnel and transformed their creative to turn $1 invested into over $14 generated.

$62-$31.6K In 1 Month


With a new product line and online store this client had never run any ads before and had just launched their new homegoods series. After our research and setup process we quickly went from nearly $0-$31K in a month, with most of the sales taking place in just a few days. Because of their unique products and our unorthodox approach we were able to solidify their new series as a market competitor in an extremely quick time frame.  

How We Compare

Other Agencies, Freelancers & Team Members

Other Agencies
Other Agencies
Other Agencies
Other Agencies

2 Week Onboarding

Spray & Pray "Strategies"

What is a Guarantee?

We Will Take Your Retainer Now

Other Agencies

Clunky Email & No Weekly Calls

Other Agencies

No Analytics or Google Studio

Other Agencies

No Transparent Processes 

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Orange Check
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1 Hour Onboarding 

Scientifically Proven Scaling Methods 

Result Guarantees 

Up to 100% Performance Based

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Daily Slack Communication & Weekly Calls

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24/7 Odylic Analytic Dashboard Access

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Transparent SOPs & Processes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Know this Will Work for My Niche?

Our process of scaling brands to add an extra $500K-$2M ARR in 3 months or less has worked for brands across the niches from skincare all the way to HomeGoods. We have not encountered a niche where it does not work solely due to that particular niche. Because the strategy is based upon our foundational research and financial evaluations each approach is fully fit to the brands' situation, market, and ideal customer. 

2. We have Worked with other Agencies, Teams & Freelancers how are You Different?

We are quite a bit different down to our core. We only work with customer-centric brands because we ourselves are a client-centric agency, and therefore we automatically have very close working relationships with our clients. In addition, we create results-based refund guarantees for each client, create custom payment packages, don't use retainers, offer daily support, custom analytic dashboards among other features, and most importantly we get real. results. So the question is more like, how are we not different? 

3. So what Exactly is Included Here?

Our core priority is driving as much profit to the client's businesses as physically possible. We do this by running paid traffic primarily on Instagram and Facebook. We do everything from developing audiences, market research, copy creation, ad strategy and development, tracking setup, reporting, and everything else needed to drive as much revenue as possible. We use the brand's creative assets to develop further optimized creative through our team of graphic designers, including light video editing. Of course, this includes supporting features like daily communication, weekly calls, and reports, the analytic dashboard, etc. Not to mention the consulting we give on SEO, optimizing your sales funnel, and further increasing your revenue potential through digital strategies.

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