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$37K in 60 Days 

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Nonconformity co. was a bootstrapped premium fitness brand looking to launch on a budget. It's objective: to merge street style, innovation, and high-end training gear into a brand that is made for gym mavericks and rebels. Our approach for a lean-soft launch was Meta ad centric with social content/influencer marketing as supporting activities for customer acquisition and brand awareness.




Our initial launch was simple, we gathered photoshoot content and UGC, and created unique angles that were the opposite of most fitness and gym brands in the space. With unique angles around the brand's differentiated voice, we targeted all relevant gym audiences in the CrossFit, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and bodybuilding space through a variety of techniques. The result? a 2X return in the first 60 days with a new product line, brand, site, pixel, and ad account, all post iOS14. 


Our strategy throughout the launch was to communicate all of NOCO's USPs as effectively as possible. As a market leader in price, we needed to justify the price through unique branding, product features, and messaging that spoke to fitness junkies on a deeper level.

Through testing 20+ audiences and 50+ angles, and creatives we landed on a few select combinations that produced sales reliably. Each week we were driving through the data to identify sub-niches within fitness that responded the best to our messaging and creative. Through exhaustive testing with our limited budget, we were able to successfully launch NOCO and generate real cash flow quickly.

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Challenges & Insights

The greatest challenge with NOCO was the fact that they were bootstrapped, with no proven product-market fit, and entering a crowded niche directly after the holiday season. We had to be lean, yet test a massive amount of messaging to find PM fit, while differentiating the brand enough to actually generate sales.

We found that even though the fitness gear niche is highly saturated, given a unique enough product line and brand, you are able to break through and make noise at a high price point. The only way to do so though is through a massive amount of testing on the angle and creative front. As we found that UGC often performed just as good as 1m+ influencer content along with photoshoot creative. Looking back, we would focus more on pricing strategy and incentivization as well as CRO, to scale more quickly with less budget.


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NOCO was able to achieve around a 2X return on their Meta ad spend, to get to ~$40k in revenue within 60 days of the ad account and brand going live. This, in culmination with 15k+ followers, added, through content was what enabled them to actually achieve the uncommon result that they did, as a bootstrapped brand. 

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